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Servitzios Bibliograficos Sardos
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mother (The)

mother (The) - Grazia Deledda, NOR (2016)

A masterpiece of world literature by the 1926 Nobel Laureate

The novel is set in Aar, a small and remote Sardinian village. The story takes place in less than three days and concerns two main characters, the mother and her son, the local priest. The mother, Maria Maddalena, grew up in this small village. Now her only child, Paul, has become a priest and has been assigned to this village. Maria sees this as the rest of their lives; to be together and that he becomes the best priest Aar ever had. One night she discovers that Paul is involved with a woman and suddenly realizes that everything she wished for is now in peril.

Autore/es Grazia Deledda
Tradutore/es Mary G. Steegman
Editore NOR
Editzione Ghilarza, Nadale 2016
Pàginas 160
Collana Le Grazie
Genia Narrativa
Suportu Pabìru 
Prèsu € 12,00
Istèrrida David Herbert Lawrence
Prefatzione Mary G. Steegman
Limba de publicatzione inglesu
Limba originale italianu

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Servitzios Bibliograficos Sardos