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Sardinia Bibliographic Services

Sardinia Bibliographic Services
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A publication containing a list or itemized display, as of titles, course offerings, events, qualities, or things considered as a group, collections or articles for exhibition or sale, usually including descriptive information or illustrations.

Titles by publisher

  Abbà (2 titles)
  Ásara (1 title)
  AM&D Edizioni (1 title)
  APM.Distribution (3 titles)
  Arkadia editore (1 title)
  Arte Duchamp (12 titles)
  Asḳs (1 title)
  Carlo Delfino editore & C. (14 titles)
  Cosarda (1 title)
  Cuec Editrice (2 titles)
  EDES, Editrice Democratica Sarda (1 title)
  Editrice S´Alvure di Silvio Pulisci (2 titles)
  Edizioni AV (1 title)
  Edizioni Della Torre (4 titles)
  Edizioni il Pittore D´Oro (9 titles)
  Edizioni Sole (2 titles)
  Edizioni Solinas (1 title)
  Eikon (2 titles)
  Gallizzi (4 titles)
  GIA Editrice (1 title)
  Grafica del Parteolla (5 titles)
  Ilisso (23 titles)
  Imago Edizioni (2 titles)
  Istituto Superiore Regionale Etnografico della Sardegna (ISRE) (5 titles)
  Mediando (9 titles)
  Nuove Grafiche Puddu (1 title)
  Paolo Sorba Editore (2 titles)
  Poliedro (2 titles)
  Punto A (2 titles)
  Punto di fuga editore (2 titles)
  Scuola Sarda Editrice (1 title)
  Soter editrice (17 titles)
  Tema (2 titles)
  Xedizioni (1 title)
  Zonza editori (3 titles)

Titles by author

  Altea, Giuliana (8 titles)
  Castia, Simonetta (6 titles)
  Cau, Roberto (5 titles)
  Frongia, Maria Luisa (4 titles)
  Murtas, Gianni (4 titles)
  Roiter, Fulvio (3 titles)
  Collu, Ugo (3 titles)
  Agostini, Giuseppe (3 titles)
  Ferru, Maria Laura (3 titles)
  Piquereddu, Paolo (3 titles)
  Lai, Maria (2 titles)
  Cuccu, Giuseppina (2 titles)
  Deplano, Beppe (2 titles)
  Magnani, Marco (2 titles)
  Mari, Enzo (2 titles)
  Picchi, Francesca (2 titles)
  Calvesi, Maurizio (1 title)
  Marino, Marzia (1 title)
  Ladogana, Rita (1 title)
  Abate, Francesco (1 title)
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Sardinia Bibliographic Services